Hypnotize yourself into the best morning, every morning

Want an easy, reliable morning routine to shift your mindset into power and positivity?

Listen to this 14 min hypnosis journey and sweet sound bath. See how it helps you create an incredible day.

Created by hypnotherapist Rani Maree & the Sound Bath App.

Your fastpass to an incredible day

We wish we could start your morning with a massage, a therapy session, and private sound bath in a sensory deprivation tank....but it's not...uh, practical.

We bet that this 14 minute journey will get your mood to the same place, though : )

Listen to this journey first thing in the morning— maybe before you even get out of bed.

Rani's beautiful voice invites you into a beautiful, deep self-hypnosis that helps you start your day relaxed and aligned.

It's set to a sound bath with crystal bowls, tanpura, rainsticks, chimes, Tibetan bowls, bells, ethereal vocals and more.

The gentle, soothing vibrations of our sound healing instruments are like a sonic car wash: you emerge with your mind & body cleansed, clear and refreshed.

All you need to do is lay down, close your eyes and listen.

Rani Maree

Rani Maree is a hypnotherapist, coach and life strategist; devoted to helping you achieve ultimate fulfilment in every aspect of your life. 

The Sound Bath App

Helping you get soothing power of sound baths in the palm of your hand. We combine ancient instruments with epic sound quality to create music that brings you to your deepest state of relaxation. From the same team that brought you "The Sound Healing Symphony" and "The Holistic Chamber of Sound".


Listen to this journey. For free.

We want to show you how powerful this can be— this journey is a gift.

May you have an incredible day.


"This was a huge gift, much needed, deeply moving and healing" —Marguerite

"I wish I could express just how much your meditations help me" — Katherine

"This journey are more than I could have possibly hoped for and are really helping to support me in going to places which are calling, but hard to access on my own." — Reetta

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